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Got car? Get cash! --

The Basics...

Place a 11.5" x 17.6" (30 cm x 45 cm) magnetic ad on your car door advertising a local business in your area. We match you with a local business and send the advertisments for car directly to you. Earn between $10 and $30 per month per ad. Put one magnet on all four doors and you'll be earning between $500 and $1,400 per year.

The Math...

4 doors X 12 months X $30 per month = $1,440 cash.

The Car Magnets...

These are basically large fridge magnets. They are weather proof and can be left on the side of your car for years without damaging your car's finish. They will not slip off while driving on the highway. Remove and wash front and back once every few months. Remove before using car wash. Remove if car surface temperature exceeds 55° C. / 130° F.

The Fine Print...

Payments are sent at the end of every four month period. Please keep the magnet fixed to your car door at all times. Your vehicle will be visually inspected from time to time to ensure you are playing fair and keeping the ads on your door(s). Failing an inspection will result in no payment that period and possible dismissal from the program. You are responsible for broken or lost ads at a cost of $20 each.

The How To...

Fill out the regiesration form below. You'll be contacted by our staff to match you to a local business. You are under no obligation to display an ad on your car that you do not wish to endorse.

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